tagErotic PoetryJust Wondering

Just Wondering


I was just wondering about you
As my mind was wandering into your bedroom
Where you laid sexy and smooth as that black g-string
That makes my G’s stutter
Trying to mutter under heavy breath
Ggod your fine
Excuse me as I’m about to cross the line
So if you take offense I suggest you keep from reading the next line
Cause this isn’t some sappy and happy
I want to hold you through the night poem although that’s cool too
This is more of a I want to pull your hair
And give you a dangerous stare kinda poem
Where I slide my hand down between your thighs and feel your wetness
As you hand is reaching down taking hold of what might as well be the center of my emotions kinda poem
Bad thoughts now manifesting into things I want to do
What would you do if I just said I wanted to fuck you
Pressing my body on to yours tighter and harder as if we were standing in crowded room
My mouth getting wet in anticipation of that first gentle lick
As flashes of you riding me pass my thoughts
Starting to let go of those feeling I’ve tried to keep locked up
I feel drunk with my need for you
If you only knew I would do anything you asked me to
My desire being only to please you, like you were some kind of Goddess that I had to sacrifice to

I was just wondering this as I entered your room
Slowly and cautious trying to hide my lustful intents
Biting my lip to keep from saying something I might just regret
Laying next to you, I try to catch my breath, and instead catch a glimpse of your
eyes and you catch the look in mine
The look that says I want you legs wrapped around me, pushing me deeper into you
With bites on my neck and nails down my back
Trying to speak under heavy breath,
Yeah baby just like that
Then look up at you as I kiss and slide my tongue down past your stomach
Grabbing my hair and taking me there, to that place I love
That place I can’t get enough of
Where my tongue dances erotically for you, slowly sliding down your inner thigh
Caressing and licking until my tongue slides inside
And you let out a moan and a little sigh that says you want me
Inside you
To fuck you
To taste your wetness, to lick your clit until your back arches and your thighs shudder with desire
Not wanting it to stop but begging to be released
My fingers sliding in and out making you beg me please
My lips and tongue sucking and fucking your wet pussy
Making my cock throb and my head dizzy
I was just wondering all this when you walked into the room
And you found me there with my eyes closed and my jeans open
You approached me then, nice and slow
Knowing exactly what to do and where to go

And now I don’t have to wonder anymore….

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