The Gem of Tyros Shines a Beacon Bright

Abyss jade green gives way to emerald waves
Behold a port renown for sultry slaves
Here courage and sharp blade earns your pay
The coward finds no refuge here they say
What city has a name o'er all the rest?
Whose cozy tavern host the warriors' best?
'Tis Kasra jewel in Tyros' fulgent crown
A bustling port but still a folksy town
A place where warriors slake a lusty thirst
Intrepid captains tie their halyards first
Sometimes a Tarnsman pausing in his flight
To quaff a Paga with a girl's delight
Who wishes pleasure here will take his fill
No Disney Gor---this city's for man's thrill

The Kasra warriors' fierce and brave of heart
But those slave girls can tear a man apart
Their beauty swells a primal, ancient urge
So atavistic that no rule can purge
Let nostrils flare, inhale her sweet perfume
That slave girl's scent will linger in the room
Commingled with fragrant her pheromone
Olfactory enflamed and vile lips moan
How synergistic that aroma calls
The beast within to wander alcove halls
And take a girl the way the caveman would
Before some artifice would say we should
Refrain from earthly joys and pleasures lewd
In Kasra holding back is more than rude!

Aroused the girl will serve in tavern dim
Display her beauty, hoping to charm Him
"Oh, Master use a girl, she oh-so hot!
She shakes her ass, revealing secret spot
The warrior drinks his Paga unperturbed
He knows the girl is his when he is served
No hurry in the captains' liberty
He'll have a girl to service royally
Inside an alcove he will reign supreme
As Ubar while she submit to his dream
Back in the tavern girls will twist and turn
Their sweaty bodies glowing while lusts burn
Oils of submission ooze from lower lips
And streak down lithesome, limber, lambent hips

Can You hear the clash of steel on steel?
Two warriors sparring in true combat real!
With lunge and parry blades fly wickedly
'Tis dangerous to enter sheepishly
The Kasra warriors are a dauntless crew
There's not a haughty foe they can't undo
With blades or arrows, no one can compare
Their sharpened swords can split a wild sleen's hair
No arrow drawn by bow can make its mark
Than Kasra archer's skill in light or dark
The terror of the blade, the arrow's fright
Can rout a foe and put him into flight
And in the wood or on the bushy wold
The Kasra warriors' worth his weight in gold

The crimson caste alone can't make a town
Nor comely slave girls held an alcove bound
Behind those veils are ladies Free and strong
They keep the rules, they sieve out right from wrong
The Master has his girl to keep him warm
The slave girl's Master keeps her out of harm
Behold the Castes and how they interplay
The builder model houses made of clay
Physicians offer drugs and cures divine
Scribes flesh out words and offer scrolls sublime
What's lacking in Kasra I do not know
The city's populace is sure to grow
From time to time a black Caste passes through
To swill a Paga, drink a lusty brew

Kasr's a city compact unity
The perfect setting for slave girl or free
Or slave boy too, if that is his intent
Or Panther Girl, whose heart is hunting bent
The colors of the rainbow mingle here
Where order doth prevail there is no fear
Perhaps a tavern brawl might break the peace
Sometimes a slave girl seeking her release
If all were tranquil order, where's the fun
There's thrilling, pounding heart when on the run
The outlaw finds a moment's solitude
The Panther Girl can treat a Free One rude
The collar soon will grace her feral neck
And she will learn to keep her mouth in check

Of Kasra's glory there's no way to end
The saga builds upon itself my friend
But line on line can only go so far
Soon even prose must reach its limit star
Where courage, honor, beauty culminate
Is Kasra, pinnacle immaculate
The prism of the rainbow focus near
The colors of the Castes are brightest here
Behold the wharf with dingy cell
Here wayward girl will spend her time in hell
To re-emerge a perfect slave girl thrall
Purged of her rudeness, made to bear it all
What more can one transcribe of this brave town?
Than say that it's where Gore is always found!

"Kasra" a poem by Taunus 03/11/2006

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