I wait as you strain against right and wrong.
Which side of the equation will you fall on?
Your hands belie your knowledge and
as your legs part so do your morals.
Another question spews from your soul unanswered

I empty into the distance.
Never shooting far enough to satisfy us both,
I am left to wash away that which rightfully belongs to you.
Why was I not made whole?
I can only stare at the nails in my feet, who put them there

Awake, asleep, conscious or even engaged in conversation,
I can have you time and time again,
and never bother to beg anyone’s pardon.
You are so vividly etched in my needs that I do not exist except to
satisfy them.

I keep nothing of the past other then the warning it bids,
so I dare not allow us to slip away and still I find myself alone
and wondering what now and why I can’t touch you.
How can you be so far away and so much a part of me
What is it I keep, What has me riveted

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