tagErotic Poetrykeeping it hardcore

keeping it hardcore


i don't dilute my poems
that means i don't water them down
if you're looking for absolute filth
literotica's where i can be found
when it comes to erotic rhymes
i have a huge selection
they're guaranteed to make you wet
or give you a serious erection
i write about
gays, lesbians, and straights
i'm sure you'll like my work
and the magic it creates
my poems will help you relax
and ease some of your tension
they're very effective stimulants
that fact i thought i should mention
i write about domination
choking and role playing
i write in plain english
so my readers understand what i'm saying
to be on my sexual level
you might want some tips from a sex convention
i'm so far outside of the box
you'll think you're in another dimension
masturbation together
fellatio with a mouth full of ice
i'm the black dr. ruth
so listen to my advice
g strings,thongs,or no panties at all
fetishes and stripper shoes
you can have your way with me
so do what ever you choose
nipple piercing and dirty talk
blindfolds, whips,and chains
i'm in popular demand
that's why my sexual dynasty still reigns
i'll be the princess of pussy
you be the duke of dick
i don't want you to be embarrased
but i'm gonna make you cum quick
i can fuck in a brothel for money
or on the streets for reasonable fee
you haven't seen it all
until you've seen me
i can play the damsel in distress
who you have to come and save
i have a large online fanbase
an about me they do rave
my poems are hardcore
and so is my fuckin'
i do women i do men
and i just keep on truckin'
whoever you are i can turn you on
and make you salivate
my poems are not the only thing
that i do great
if i was in a naked line-up
i'd be the one you'd pick
all because of my preety face
and my thighs that are firm and thick
i can be your mistress
i can be your bitch
would you mind scratching
my sexual itch
wake me in the morning
by going down on me
i told you i don't dilute
i keep it filthy
put yur dipstick in my pussy
and see how good you feel
i know i'm hard to resist
because of my massive sex appeal
give my ass a smack
while i'm over your knees
i'm an international freak
they even know me over seas
i can fuck with the best of them
i'm even admired by the pros
my cunt juice is like a waterfall
that's how much it flows
i will treat you rather well
whether you're a queen or a king
to all the haters out there
step back while i do my thing

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