tagErotic PoetryKindred Shadows of the Night

Kindred Shadows of the Night


Darkness descends, the night shrouds us.
Kindred spirits who understand.
Our sacred black light, we see so clearly.
The moon shines down unto the land.

Lightening dances across the sky.
Thunder booms to the beat of our hearts.
Rain falls to bring forth new life,
This wonder of nature the Goddess imparts.

Take my hand dear one, fly with me.
Let your heart and soul fly high.
Shared thoughts, shared spirits.
Never would we to the other lie.

Never parted, never lost, always touched.
Let our mother guide our way.
No one knows what fate may present.
Each other's spirit on the bed of life lay.

Will of the Universe, will of the night.
Unto us possess the power of darkness.
Energy together slicing through harms way
May each of us the other's respect harness.

Smiling down upon us the moon does shine.
With the brightness our face shines at the thought of the other.
Giving praise for what we've found
Never to replace the bond with another.

Kindred spirits who understand.
Lightning dances across the sky.
Giving us our only light.
To make the world a better place we too shall try.

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