Kiss Me


Kiss Me
Doctor Dorothy

The moment I saw you I wanted you as my lover,
At first you reminded me of another
But only at first - it was when I saw beneath
The attractive surface I knew I wanted to keep
You close , and all the things dear that I hold about you
I love you with a love thats true
And sweet and as much as I love your body and face,
I also long for your embrace
In a soft room in virgin sheets,
While you whisper my name and softly speak
Of all the things that you need to be done-
Ill do them and make you come and come,
I'll show you ways you have never seen
Give you passion better than any dream.
And yes my first thoughts for you were purely sexual,
that is true.....
But only until I got to know you,
And I love you so gently and sweetly because
You are so unlike anyone I've ever loved.
The only thing I have to do
Is begin to find ways to gently show you;
This does not come easily
Life has often made me see
That feelings are like snowflakes, never meant to last,
Once warmed with passion's burning flame,
They melt away too fast.
Or even worse, the love I keep safe
Could be thrown back in my face
So I shall tell you secretly,
Carefully and cautiously.
And if it happens that you care
And love me as I love you,
I shall fold you in my heart
And ever keep you there.

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