tagErotic PoetryKissing Hermione (and More)

Kissing Hermione (and More)

bySapphos Sister©

Hermione would try on me
All her favourite kisses;
With my best friend, we'd each pretend
My lips were Joe's or Chris's.

But every day we slipped away
To practise her best kisses,
I felt depraved since all I craved
Were H's orifices.

One night we went with Joseph Brent
To town and, at a disco,
I watched aghast as H at last
Leant in, as if to kiss Joe.

I felt quite sick and double-quick
Escaped from their caressing,
And, in the loo, I wept and knew
A grief beyond expressing.

Consider if a couple's tiff
Is sad: worse to discover
The one you love – and want above
All others – has a lover!

I felt appalled as I recalled
Their concentrated faces;
I wept again but, counting ten,
Cleaned up the tearful traces.

Into the loo came you-know-who
And whispered, 'All I thought of,
When Joey kissed, was how I missed
Your lips because I, sort of,

Quite fancy you.' I gasped. 'It's true,'
H cried. Again she kissed me –
All unrestrained – and then explained
She could no more resist me.

'I thought, .... you know, that you .... and Joe...'
I embarrassedly spurted.
'You must be blind. I've felt inclined
For ages,' she asserted.

Ashamed to say, but straightaway
We ditched poor Joe (like spouses
Who've sought divorce) and sped, of course,
By cab to where my house is.

My dad's quite good and said H should
Remain that night. My sister
Gave up her bed and H instead
Slept there. I slyly kissed her.

When midnight passed, my dad at last
Was fast asleep and dreaming
And in our room, despite the gloom,
I watched my sweetheart beaming.

Now in one bed, we lay and said
Those things that new-found lovers
Know to be true; and then we threw
Aside the modest covers.

Our bodies bared, we swiftly shared
A hundred dear embraces
As hands adored and mouths explored
A hundred secret places.

Her lips caressed each tender breast;
My nipples gladly stiffened,
Then hardened still and more until,
Like scarlet jewels, they glistened.

She tongued and flicked, and sucked and licked
My rubies; I responded –
My fingers stroked and rubbed and poked
As wanton bodies bonded.

She turned me round and crouched. I found
Her, purring, perched above me:
'I'll show you this delicious kiss
That's bound to make you love me.'

Arranging me into a V
(Our legs now interlocking),
She pressed her slit on mine, and it
Felt warm and wet and shocking.

We thrust our hips and, lips on lips,
Our clits, like tongues, were wriggling.
'I'm .... calling this .... our Clitor .... Kiss ....!'
H groaned and I lay giggling.

Our lust was such that every touch,
Demanding yet another,
Drew moans and sighs as, midst our cries,
We sawed against each other.

Her pelvic bone massaged my own;
I clasped it tight to thank it
And as we sparred, I came so hard
I bit into the blanket.

Although now spent and quite content,
Instead of mere relaxing,
I thought it fair to help H share
The joy I'd felt climaxing.

To her surprise, I spread her thighs:
Two fingers sought the measure
Of her sweet sex; her juicy flecks
Betrayed her depth of pleasure.

I tasted her; the blonde, damp fur
Was soft and, there among it,
Her lovely cunt was moist with want.
I bowed my head to tongue it.

The leaves of skin unfurled; within,
Her bud was full, and gently –
With smooth, sure tongue – I stroked along
The treasure she had lent me.

With every lick, she felt more slick,
So thirstily I sucked her;
Her clit I thumbed and plucked and strummed –
And meanwhile finger-fucked her.

She rasped, 'Oh shit! Dear God! .... That's it!'
Her muscles, stiff and humming,
Now stretched and clenched, and arched and wrenched
Against the bliss of coming.

Orgasm took a hold. She shook
With rapture, but I reckoned,
Her climax done, I'd spur her on
And bring her to her second.

My lips surveyed the luscious glade
That blossomed at their brushing
And to my eyes her lovely prize
Was pink and pure and blushing.

She arched once more against my jaw
And as I crudely kissed her
She felt so wet, I swore to get
My fingers in to fist her.

Three fingers dipped, a fourth one slipped
Into her. As she pleaded,
My slippery fist began to twist
Into the void conceded.

Though she's quite small, I worked them all
Into her, now demented,
And pressed and pumped, and pulled and thumped
And never once relented.

My fingers, clenched, were lushly drenched
With juice and smoothly slickened
And then she gasped and sobbed and rasped
As rhythmically I quickened.

My darling screamed from never-dreamed
Orgasmic exhaltation
And as she came, she wept my name
In lover's confirmation.

Embraced, we lay till break of day,
Our bodies fully sated.
Within that bed, our sex had said
What tongues had never stated.

Hermione still plies on me
All our favourite kisses;
And I confer the same on her
For now we know what bliss is.

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