tagErotic PoetryKneeling At The Threshold

Kneeling At The Threshold


Dream… Nightmare…
Fantasy… Reality…
Amidst them all she kneels
Not knowing what will be next…

Her body buzzing with need…
Her heart fluttering with hope…
Her mind questioning her desires…
Her soul aflame with anticipation…

She came here with a goal,
A desire to serve…
And now she knows
There will be a price to pay

What be that price? She wonders
Her body? Her virtue?
Her soul? Her life?
Yet there is no escaping payment

Her clothes lie flung about,
Removed not by her…
Yet she’s not the naked lady
She dreamed she would be…

Clad in thin bra and panties,
She feels more vulnerable…
For instead of her body, her desire is displayed
And her soul laid bare for all to see

In a room darkened and quiet
Under a spotlight she kneels
Not the fantasy she read or even wrote
But a reality more powerful

How long since He left her here?
No clock is there in this room,
No outside noise to give a hint
Only the silence in which screams her soul

Kneeling in this darkened room she is
Bathed in a narrow cone of light
Yet in this place she sees nothing
For her eyes are covered and closed

Even so, her soul sees her future
And many things that could yet be
It also sees her past
And the visits she has made here before

Knelt under this light she has
Feeling the powerful gaze that is His
Trembling in the moment
As He contemplates and decides

Should she feel soft touch of fur,
Or the sting of the cane?
Will the snap of leather come next,
Or the sensual caress of His hand?

Will it be breast or buttock?
Or on the back of her thigh?
Will He kiss her mouth with passion,
Or probe the Gateway elicits her sigh?

All this and more He has done
The times she has come here
She has discerned no rhyme or reason
Other than pleasure that is His to steer

She had thought she knew this man
Before she came to this place
But she has learned another side
And seen a hidden face

Friend and lover he had long been
And explorer, she knew as well
But now He has opened a new door
And together they have journeyed her soul

Desires she had feared voicing
Were strutted upon His stage
The crop, the flogger, the cane,
Even time in the cage

She kneels at the threshold
The point where desire meets fear
She trembles with hope and wonder
In anticipation of his next deed

Fire dances up her spine
As ice touches the small of her back
His other hand gently caressing
Feeling passionately warm on her neck

She senses him reaching around her
Then feels the cold touch her breasts
Nipples already hardened jump outwards
Yearning for His caress

Her nether lips start tingling
They, too, hoping to feel His touch
The clit sends signals through her body
As her nectar starts to flow

The threshold creeps closer
Her fantasy has already been passed
Reality, though harsher, has proven
She is much more than she dreamt could be

A pinch on the left nipple
As His fingers slide the nether fabric
Probing her lips, touching her clit
Filling her with reactions ecstatic

His mouth nibbling her neck
Then downward she feels it glide
Where it tugs on the clasps
Then away the brassiere slides

Away from her He goes
Though she can still feel Him in the room
Then comes the swishing sound
That means more play will come soon

Tresses of leather glide on her shoulder
A flogging he will soon go
But for pleasure or punishment
Only He currently knows

The falls trail across her breasts
Then a firm grasp on them he takes
Probing and fondling the tender flesh
And enjoying the soft moans this makes

His tongue dances on both nipples
Her sighs she barely contains
She is edging over the threshold
And knows He is holding the reins

This is the dream and the nightmare –
The loss of her control
Her desires and fears combined
The core of her soul

She knows now she has found Him
The one she has yearned for so long
And as the threshold slides past her
Her heart sings its true song

It has no words or melody,
Neither sorrowful nor joyous refrain
It is simply the essence of her being
The service, the joy, the pain

Again his fingers probe her wetness
While his other hand caresses her spine
And his soft voice explodes in her ears
“Now you must choose if this is Mine”

She knows that it’s more than her pussy
He is ready to possess
He also wants her heart, mind and soul
Will she hold back, or give Everything with a “yes”

In that moment, all the parts of her come together
And their answers are uniformly true
In once voice they tell Him
“My love, I belong to You”

Fire dances across her lips
Their mouths meld together as one
As they part He tells her,
“There’s one more thing to be done”

Away for a moment he goes,
Then she feels His hands near her neck
His fingers, they fumble for a moment
Followed by a soft “click”

She blinks as the blindfold comes off
And finds herself facing a mirror
The person there the same as started this night
Except for a neck with a lose band of silver

Dangling from it the ring
With which she dedicated herself in good and poor
Then His hand lifted her chin
Her eyes saw lover and husband, and so much more

For now, he is her Master
And she, the slave He has claimed
The union of their souls complete
The completeness of each other they have gained

Each resonates within the other
In joy, in sorrow, in life
Master and husband forever mated
To His slave and wife

In public they will walk together
The outside world will never know
That in their minds she kneels to Him
And the true affection to each other they show

The price she had to pay
Was a worthwhile one, she now knows
To cast away the shells of fear
That kept her from where she must go

The threshold she has crossed is the freedom of self
And the ability to be true
To mind, heart, body and soul
And the only One she can give them to

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