tagNon-Erotic Poetryknocking on Heaven's door

knocking on Heaven's door


impetuous by nature
burning desire to know more
this fitfull hunger for learning
keeps me knocking at Your door

from the first look in Your eyes
and You showed me the me You saw
transforming spider to a fly
You revealed this diamond in the rough

i'd never seen this picture
i was offended at first glance
GOD! i was only flirting
no intent for Your pants!!!

but that's the image presented
by using my womanly ways
"I mean no harm in these words"
i believe in these words today

i fall back on that as remembrance
as the first truth i found in You
the one that keeps me hungry for more
the reason i do what i do

to this day there have been so many
i know more about me than ever before
through this reflection of me in Your eyes
i hold the key to unlock the door

i have a greater understanding
of what it means to be me
i am innately submissive to truth
and my eyes are now open to see
NOW in every breathe i take
my world is colored anew
i am conscious of my choices
and i ask should they include You

what is it that i want
is this? the question You ask of me
the door could be there to open
and now I hold the key

still i search for the answers
to the questions i have inside
will i ever know the answers
in faith i must abide

no longer blind but still searching
there are questions that still remain
like, is there a mutual desire
to create a temple for us to reign

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