tagNon-Erotic PoetryKnowledge Over Feelings

Knowledge Over Feelings


Thoughts of one,
Can lead to false hopes in the mind.

Shall this Dragonette ever learn?
Will her logic be able to save her?

Emotions running strong,
Feelings mixed with false ideas.

What is to come of this?
Will her feelings accept friendship?

The logic of a mind,
The conflicting day dreams of the mind.

Does she realise that she may not survive the mental realisation?
Shall this Dragonette find something new to keep her in animation?

These thoughts that shall never become,
These dreams of a certain one.

Can she say something yet?
Will she ever know what to say?

Shyness hinders,
Commonness can break barriers.

Shall she speak of what she feels again?
Will she realise that her thoughts are of false hope?

Hiding prevents communication,
Speaking conveys thoughts and information.

For what is she truly searching for?
To what ends shall she never reach if she gives up now?

Knowing little can stop things,
Sharing some knowledge will break some barriers.

Shall she find her place in time and the world?
Shall she ever find a love?

The ways of expression,
The knowledge and wondering what might be hidden.

Can she get her mind to accept that love with no knowledge is not possible?
Will she be able to face him again knowing more now than before?

The curiousness of a Dragonette,
The wondering of knowing something before she should.

Shall she live to see another summer?
Is it possible she can break out of her depression before it finishes killing her inside?
The suffering of this Dragonette,
The unwillingness to share these hidden feelings.

Can she find someone to talk to in person?
Shall she be able to open herself to anyone in person?

The doubt,
The sadness!

Will she lash out at the one she likes very much?
Will she hide her sadness and wrath from everyone but herself?

The frustration,
The anger!

Can she contain these emotions much longer and still know who she is?
Shall this Dragonette ever tell of this tale she writes tonight?

The music,
The energy it used to bring to her.

What has happened to her?
Why does she shrug off any effort of help?

The gifts,
The promises.

Of what use are these 'things' to her now?
Will she find usage of them later in life?

The peaceful pines,
The cool nights that once were.

Shall she return to the place she has not seen in over half a decade?
Can her emotions face reality and not kill her soul?

A symbol,
It's meaning - part of the story.

When will this Dragonette ever learn?
Is it true that she will find a friend and not say more to?

Should she end the talking?
Maybe go back to her dreams of what she wishes for.

Shall she find any other way of expressing herself besides written words?
Shall she bother with love again in her life?

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