tagErotic PoetryLamat Nilumatain Soph

Lamat Nilumatain Soph


Every mans desire
Never makes us quaver
Weak at the knees
Her brilliance makes us shiver

Incessant qualities
One may care to share
Master of the irreverant
Insightful, I'm jealous so there

We must be too boring
For we miss the never touch
Come back soon we pray
Sparky's not enough

Her passion enthralls us
The timing and grace impeccable
Posting insightfulness...

Like the nothing in never-ending story
We almost didn't realize
If there aren't enough people to believe
The magic will go away
We are drawn down too far
Into our murky depths
Not thinking or feeling
Anothers pain or hurts
So hear us; precious; we believe
Hell hath no fury like a never scorned

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