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lap dance


my girl came home
and i gave her a lap dance
you should try it too
when ever you get the chance
i put some music on
and began to sway
because i love her so much
she gets a lap dance every day
i was dressed in red leather
heels, bra, and g string
i was really feeling sexy
and i was doing my thing
i was moving my body
in a seductive way
this is a good idea
to start or end the day
i parted her legs
and sat on her lap
then she removed my bra
with one simple snap
i was grinding on her
she was playing with my tits
it always turns her on
when i wear my red outfit
then i turned around
and we were face to face
we both shut our eyes
while more grinding took place
i could feel the heat
from her pussy and mine
if you're ever offered a lap dance
be smart, don't decline
my pussy was getting moist
and her's was too
to please my girl
there's no limit to what i'd do
we rubbed our pussies together
until we both did burst
this wasn't my last lap dance
and it certainly wasn't my first

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