tagErotic PoetryLeather Love

Leather Love

byLM Brady©

Leather biting my wrists feeling for the pulse in my veins.

The cat-o-nine tails whips around and smacks my thighs hard.

It stings, it hurts...
Oh, that pleasurable hurt.

You kick my legs apart.
Your hand goes to that soft, wet, warm spot and begins to play.

You bite me hard on my neck.
The blood trickles down my back.
Your hand wraps in my hair and pulls my head back...
to lick the nectars of my passion.

You hit me...
Hit me...
Hit me...
It is a frenzy of uncontrollable urges.

I cum and you lap at the sweet, sex taste.

You unharness me and pull the bit from my mouth.

Then you throw me on the bed and leave the room.

copyright 1997

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