tagErotic Poetry"Leo the Slob"- story poem

"Leo the Slob"- story poem


"Leo the Slob"

Leo Slobavitch was a pal of mine
Called him "Leo the Slob" most of the time
A fair estimation, we weren't blind
Take'n account of his many crimes
Like giving Maggy the Magpie
An A-cream with a dollop of sperm
A gal so religious she would spurn
Any of us, put saltpeter in the water bucket
Of the opposing team in the football final, fuck it
They couldn't run or screw their girlfriends after their loss
Yep, the "Slob" was boss

He'd purloin condoms for pals as a favor
Even ones with strawberry flavor
For blow jobs with a fruity zing
If that's your fling
When the choir would start to sing
You were behind the stage curtain
Your cock in Fatima's* mouth for certain
Or her twin sister's if Fatima was hurt'n
Whose name escapes me now
I knew her brother Howie
Who would pimp them off for gas money
You know its funny
Howie's dad ran a newsstand over in Moon Glow
They got arrested selling porno
Back then porno was a photo with some snatch
The stuff today they couldn't match

Then there was my old flame
I forget my keys but I remember her name
Two gorgeous tits were her fame
Sally**, the high school drum majorette
Who runs a beauty parlor out in Winnette
I'd pick her up at the Baptist church
Friday night service, park behind the birch
tree in the gravel parking lot in Leo's deuce coupe
Smoke a cigarette on the church stoop
Scared with shouts of hell and sin
So hot she was ready to fuck in
The front bench of Leo's car
We never got too far
Usually ended up near the mall gates
Then a burger at Tiptop where they came out on skates
In short skirts and little hats in that day
Carry'n hot food on trays
Saw Sally a few months back
Her face is lined and but her tits ain't slack
She told me to stop if I passed by
I could use another try before I die

But back to "Leo the Slob" always on the run
Being he was the Doc's only son
Had access to the drug safe to rip in
He started the night trip'en
When we won the county championship fight
He climbed up on the scoreboard like
A crazy, waving his arms, he lost his grip
n' slipped
Thirty feet concrete fall

He still works at Rexall,
Rolls around in a wheel chair all
Night, his eyes look a little spacey and dim
Once blue, now faded, once slim
Now kinda fat, you don't get to exercise
when you're wheel'en like that
His arms have big muscles and his hands are strong
The whole thing seems somehow wrong
He was the funniest guy around
Now he can't get his feet off the ground
Some homeless guy, high on methamphetamine
Waving a long kitchen knife wandered in
Laughed at him
Demanded cash from the register drawer
Leo smiled, said, "sure"
Quick as a flash grabbed that guy by the balls
Who dropped the knife and started to bawl
"Leo the Slob" just smiled and squeezed
The bum kept shout'en, "please"
But Leo held on till the guy fainted away
The cops came and dragged him that day
Just another caper by one of our mob
By the guy we called "Leo the Slob"
He may be on wheels and handicapped
He drools a bit wears a baseball cap
But he he's still got spirit and gall
To grab a robber by the balls

I guess its time to end this story
A tale of daring and old time glory
Just one bit of advice
If you ever meet Leo don't ask about his wife
or ask about the scheme'a
Life cause he married Fatima
The blowjob queen
Says he feels nothing below the waist
Says his cock would'a gone to waste
He says she can pump life into his cock an'
Give him the feeling he still is a man
Even if his cock can't stand
When you love someone you don't ask them questions
About whom they fucked in back room sessions
Or who's the father of the two kids she's raise'n
that don't resemble Leo a bit
They ain't even the same color but who gives a shit
It goes to show if a gal can really suck cock
She can almost raise a man to walk
So here's to Fatima and "Leo the Slob"
Two old friends from the high school mob

So if you'll excuse me
I've got a date with Susy
A waitress over at the OK Diner
Oh what a luscious vagina
I was so lucky to find her
Later we'll talk, if I can still walk
Cause there's more to make'n love
Then please'n yourself
You got'a light up her eyes
Why do you think I get extra fries?

*Fatima was 18, left back a few times as was I
**Sally was 19, had all ready graduated

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