tagErotic PoetryLesbian Love Poems

Lesbian Love Poems

byCal Y. Pygia©


Green mountains--
Power and desire:

The planet’s failure
Is an opportunity
For empowerment
Through slavery;
We are sheep,
Fenced about by lust
And guarded by dogs
Rabid with greed
And salivating death.

This is our future,
Our destiny,
The tragedy
Of our times
And of our children’s
Children’s lives.


She looks so cute,
Sitting there
With her cock out,
Weighing her balls
In one hand
While she pets and plays
With her penis
With the other,
Imaging the Things She’ll Do
Once her girlfriend’s home,
Now she has a borrowed
Prick of her own.


A white face forced
Into a black cunt,
Force-fed pussy juice:

Interracial lesbian sex
Makes the world
Black and white,
But not simple,
Not at all,
Not by any means;
There is still the matter
Of which is superior,
Which inferior,
Which shall dominate,
And which shall submit,
Which shall be the tongue
And which the clit;
Meanwhile, there is this


Her face, pressed hard
Between the thighs
Of the woman whose cunt
She nurses upon
As if its clit were a nipple
And its mount a breast,
Runs with mascara,
And her eyes issue
A silent, teary plea
For her own release.


She lies with her eyes
Closed, far away
In her own mind,
Wandering among
Possibilities, a child,
A mother, a wife,
A lover, a hundred
Thousand other things
And none of them
The lesbian
She’s become and intends
Forever to remain--
And then the surge
Of troops inside the cavern
Of her cunt, the flood
Of passion, and the swell
Of her womanhood
Destroys the world
Of possibilities,
And she is merely she.


Although women are, by God
Or nature, equipped with cunts
By which to incubate brats
Who become servants and
Slaves of our beloved “democracy,”
They also have mouths to suck
And assholes that can be fucked,
So slavery’s not guaranteed
As long as their will remains free.


When she smiles, my girl
Is more beautiful
Than any other woman
With or without a cunt,
And lovelier than anyone
With a cock and balls;
She is more gorgeous
Than anyone else at all,
Male, female, or shemale,
Which is why
I do whatever I must
To keep her
Well supplied with smiles.


Did you know
Breasts can smile;
Did you know
Buttocks can grin?

I have seen them,
Again and again,
Mirthful in the night,
Smiling in delight.


Sometimes, in my fantasies
My shemale lover is a lesbian,
And she lies facedown,
In a woman’s drooling
Cunt, kissing the wetness
From her lips,
Licking the trough
Of her female sex,
Lashing the clitoris
Within its fleshly hood,
As if she meant it,
While, all the time,
I fuck my shemale
Lover from behind,
My cock in her ass
Claiming her as mine.


Sometimes, when we fuck
Or suck, her boobs and buns
Shining in the sun,
Dappled with shade
Filtered through a canopy
Of treetops’ leaves,
My mouth full of her
Steamy sex, I forget,
Until she cums, her semen
Spewing in my face or mouth,
That my girl’s a transsexual
Who has no intention of ever
Going all the way.

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