tagErotic Poetrylet's fuck already

let's fuck already


i made myself a promise
when i first met you
i put you on my list
of things to do
i felt like a fisherman
i wanted to catch you on my hook
i was determined to fuck you
no matter what it took
if i ever get you in bed
i know i can blow your mind
i'll have my way with you
and will own your behind
i'll leave you wanting more
and feeling oh so fine
i'll fuck you so well
you'll be on cloud nine
after i make you cum
i'll lick you clean
in my mind i see it
it's such a sexy scene
when i'm done fucking you
you'll be on a natural high
you can't resist my charm
so why even try
stop playing hard to get
and let's just screw
fucking you is a goal
that's way past due

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