tagNon-Erotic PoetryLife at a Distance

Life at a Distance


Days spent daydreaming, imagining what if
Sweet hours spent gazing into your eyes
Passion torn edges of remembrance haunting my every move
Your name on my lips at every turn
An all consuming lust of the unknown

Soon enough, lust cocooned into a deeper desire
A thirst to know all of you
Feeding on the well of knowledge at your hand
Souls connecting on a higher level
Branding your essence onto my heart

Where once I was proud of my hard heart
Now it whimpered in total surrender
Seeking to mate with yours in joyful abandon
At a cost neither bothered to ask
Cementing the bond in broken promises

The metallic taste of life shattered those daydreams
Bringing to light the sharp pang of betrayal
Seeing the past in a numbing clarity only hindsight provides
Knowing that all the time my heart sought yours
I was living my life at a distance

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