tagNon-Erotic PoetryLife Series - collection of 5

Life Series - collection of 5


Wedding Day

She stands there looking through the glass
her heart is shaking beating fast
is this right, is he the one?
The moment upon her can't be undone.

Her father comes and takes her hand
and leads her to the waiting strand
of woven beads of pure delight,
a face that makes her soul take flight.

Daddy gives her over, into the gentle place,
a look of love and sorrow go across his face.
She is no longer his or theirs,
but to another her heart will care.

They raised her from the day of life
and now she goes to be a wife.
They watch the vows spoken strong
each one reflecting on their own song.

Now the kiss that seals her fate
the one that mom and daddy sort of hate.
But in the end, they know the girl
will grace his life and be his world.


Moments Just Before...

He watches her as she approaches
lace and satin he longs to touch.

His heart it flames like fiery torches
breath releases in a rush.

Her body within his fingers reaches
she moves with timidness.

Her eyes lock upon the spaces
that melt away the great abyss.

He touches silk he touches lace
fingers capture ties and buttons.

He caresses her porcelain face
nerves once strong now barely function.

Her skin sets on flames of fire
as fingers touch her gown.

Her body trembles with desire
as the lace and satin fall down.

He gazes longingly at her
his mind not comprehending.

He hears a groan within him stir
knowing their love is never ending.

Her fingers intertwine with his
and others reach out for his chin.

Her soft lips press and all of this
is just what was, to have been.



Sounds of lovers fill the room
and gracefully they come together.
He knows his heart has been consumed
for always and forever.

Kisses and caresses each one gives
as together they learn to love.
Safely in their arms they'll live
as he looks upon her from above.

Pain is fleeting as he takes
her forever his life mate.
Soon the feelings of passion make
each one now believe in fate.

Newly wedded bliss they feel
and they love with each touch.
On this night something will reveal
and a new life will mean so much.

Two lovers intertwined in passion,
beads of sweat slide with them.
Within her body a child fashions,
becoming their transparent gem.



Trials and sorrows they did face
one after another.
Each one came and each one could trace
blaming one but not the other.

Children came and children grew
life began to set in gloom
Each one needed something new
but neither wanted to give room.

Soon they looked with fear and quaked
what would their future lives become
If one of them just forsakes
and left the other one undone.

Talking out the trials and sorrow
soon led to words of hate.
She left him, and his heart did borrow
the love of spirits were now his fate.

Time did pass and he learned the truth
and found himself within walls of doom.
Reaching for the dreams of youth
he calls her and hears her gloom.

"I'm sorry," is his whispered words,
"Me too," she says right back.
Now in his arms his gentle bird's
wings infold him, keeping him intact.

"Love me darling," she tells him once
"Always, my heart," he sighs.
With kisses of abundance
they merge once more on high.

No troubles will forsake them
this their promised be.
Though life still had some thorny stem
troubles were met, so both could see.

Hand in hand they continued
learning, laughing, touching.
He and She no longer venues
towards a life of weakened clutching.

For they had learned what so few do
that no one is perfected
and even sometimes there are feuds
but love can not be the thing rejected.


Together Forever...

She hold his hand, so weak and frail
within her tiny fingers.
Brushing back the strands of grey
that often now still linger.

He smiles up at her with love filled eyes
and blows her gentle kisses.
A tear falls from her as she sighs
and her heart it all ready misses.

The time has come for them to part
for years they had each other.
With tears that fall from his heart
he know searches for his mother.

He sees her and he follows
the path before him leads.
His hand leaves hers and she swallows
as now her heart it bleeds.

She lies down right beside him
holds his face and tries
to guide herself within them
her sorrows and her cries.

They are heard from up above
and the answer that it makes
Is only spoken to her
as she goes to meet her mate.


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