tagErotic PoetryLifting the Lid

Lifting the Lid


i said i am not obsessed with you
it is true but there is so much more
i much more careful now
the more i learn of you
i want to step back
i want to step closer

your sadness and anger and pain
they are always swimming in my head
with your beauty

your eyes are the night sky
dancing with lights
touched by the aurora borealis
drawing me closer
i want to see more of what they hold
i am lost and floating through them

yet that is only ever where it begins
late at night, early in the morning
the house is silent and dark
i can feel your lips
running my finger over them
running tongue over them
gently sucking on the softness
of your lower lip
before you i kiss you

even in my own fantasies,
you're always a step back from me
but you let me slowly, so slowly draw you in
those times when everything else stops
and all i can see is you

i slide my tongue between your lips
tasting your mouth for the first time, each time
your hands seem lost next to me, not touching
i find them for you
i take each and run your fingers
from the side of my breasts to my hips

i ask if you are ready
and you ask me to wait a moment
you move your hands
from my hips to my inner thigh
barely touching between
sending sparks through me

i hunger to taste more of you
you say you are ready to begin
and kneel in front of me
from this point forward
there are few ways for you to say no
but you know i will respect them

not wanting to let you feel confined
not by anything other than me
i simply take my nail
trace a small circle around your neck
i take your hair, wrap it in my hand
pull you up and push you back onto the bed

i remind you that if you are good
i will let you scream in pleasure
but if not
you will only be allowed to pleasure me
i am hoping you will listen

i want to part your other lips with my tongue
to suck on the pink pearl
as my fingers play in your wet
yes i can see you are already wet
your wet center of lust

i pinch your nipples gently
then a little harder
i ask if you want to touch me
yes, miss
i ask if you want to taste me
yes, miss

i let my hands roam your body a moment
i let one finger slide up between those lips
then back down, inside

i hear your breath catch, take it back out
i taste you for the first time
and again, it leaves me hungering for more

i slide my hands back up the center of your body
as i move up it as well
i put my nipple over your mouth
telling you to suck on it
before continuing past

i now kneel above you
looking into those intoxicating eyes
i see your tongue running across your own lips
and decide it's time to feel it run across mine

i move my hips down
my wet pussy first dragging across your nose
and i see your tongue darting up
as i push down onto your mouth

your tongue enters me and i am torn
between looking to the sky in pleasure
or looking into your eyes to increase it

i keep focused on your eyes
as my back tries to arch as my orgasm approaches
giving only minor direction
as to when to suck, bite
or fuck me with your tongue

i call you beautiful, i call you a bitch
i call you mine
and right at this moment
they all mean the same thing

as my screams come, you attempt to stop
to ask if i am okay
but i grab your head
pulling your mouth against me
until it subsides again

afterward, i kiss you deeply
and then your neck
telling you not to make a sound
i kiss your nipples and bite each
a bit harder than you're used to
a tiny squeal comes out and stop
i stand by your legs
until you apologize

i spread them apart
running my fingers up and down them
seeing and feeling
everything you feel is flawed
though every moment of this process

i tease your lips with the tip of my finger
yet kiss everywhere on your thighs, your arms
your stomach, your breasts,
everywhere i saw your breath stop
in fear of rejection
i assure you there is none

i finally slide a finger into your body
and see your back arch slightly
pushing your breasts up
i stop for just a moment
to put pillows under your head
to watch your eyes
while my mouth envelops your clit
sucking on it while flicking it with my tongue

the overstimulation has you covering your mouth
just to stay silent
i slide a second finger in and continue
faster, harder...
and a tiny moan comes out of you
stopping me completely

i reach underneath the bed
where you cannot see
taking out a blue vibrator
curved at the end
you apologize much faster this time
and i slide it all the way in gently

i turn it on as my tongue goes back to you
i spin the dial, bringing up the intensity
and your eyes start to roll back
you are biting your lip
and i am still almost furiously attacking
that glistening little bundle of pleasure

your legs close tight around my head
and i am lost in my own world
of making you continue to feel every sensation
of pleasure i can create

your legs drop down and release me
yet i don't stop, driving the blue acrylic
back and forth into you,
pinching wet bit of flesh above it
so wet it doesn't even need a tongue
and it is seconds
before i am as much your prisoner
as before

i release you when you release me this time
i fully release you
calling you by your name again
and kissing you gently
we wrap each other tightly in our arms
our legs intertwined

i may not be obsessed with you,
but on those nights
those mornings
when it is dark and silent
having never touched your skin

you are still my beautiful
my bitch, my love
and they are still always the same thing
as your name.

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