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Limerical Condition


After writing my first limerick,
my mind went on this metrical kick..
The words I'd compile
all had the same style,
and my poetry sounded quite sick..

I'd pick-up a paper and pen
to write to my closest of kin..
While trying to think
what to write with the ink,
I'd found I had done it again..

My sex life was even affected
for when entering fully erected..
After two long strokes
and two short pokes,
another long stroke was expected..

I consulted our family physician
to tell of this crazy condition..
He said, to be sure,
the only true cure
can be found with a verbal magician..

So I went to a wizard of diction,
who said "You should write fiction!
For writing erotic
will cure a psychotic..
I'm sure it will heal your affliction"..

Thus I'm cured of these rhymes,
just by writing out sexual lines..
I'm crafting a tale
of erotic blackmail,
but still like a limerick sometimes..

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