tagErotic PoetryLinger On Me

Linger On Me


The smell of your skin
Lingers on me
Intoxicating my senses
Illuminating my memory

You strutted into my life
Strong and naive in your ways
An overpowering force
That swept me right away

Before me you stood
Towering tall above my small frame
Pulling me to you
As I did the same

Wrapped up in each other's arms
Our lips met for the first time
I've never felt anything so soft
Tasted anything so divine

Peppermint flavored kisses
I lost track of reality
You sucked on my lower lip
And the world ceased to be

For one with no experience
You knew just what to do
You led me to the bedroom
Pulled me to the bed with you

Your lips found mine again
As we tangled in our embrace
I clung to you in desire
As your hands caressed my face

You kissed me breathless
Lost in passionate lust
I never wanted it to end
But as with all things it must

You knelt between my legs
Lifted my dress away
Licking your way down my body
At my navel you did stay

Tickling me with your tongue
I ran my fingers through your hair
Your hands slid under me
And you lifted me in the air

You chuckled as you found a spot
In the center of the bed
Pulling me to you
Powerfully demanding in how you led

Your hands cupped my breasts
Before unclasping my bra
My breasts spilled out milky white
Perfect but for one scar, my flaw

You suckled them lovingly
Pushed me to the edge
I swore at that moment
To you my love I would pledge

I couldn't take it anymore
I needed to touch your skin
I pulled your hoodie and shirt off
And with hunger I leaned in

My small hands took in your soft flesh
My lips followed close behind
I traced the contours of your body
Your innocence on my mind

Blessed to be the first
To travel this path with you
I slowed my pace down
Wanting nothing more than to pleasure you

My kisses became less fiery
As I traveled back up to your face
I kissed you softly and sweetly
As you wrapped me in your strong embrace

I held your face in my hands
As I pulled away
I starred into your eyes
I could have done that all day

I leaned in to kiss you
Just brushing your lips with my own
Pulling away as you leaned in for more
Shaking my head no as you began to moan

I teased you without mercy
Until you could take it no more
You grabbed me with such force
I knew what was in store

You tossed me on the bed
As you climbed between my legs
Ripped my panties away
Touching me gently until I began to beg

In one smooth thrust
You slid a thick finger deep in me
Making me cry your name
Knowing the pleasures that were meant to be

Quickly you added another two
Stretching me wide
In and out you pushed and shoved
Taking me on an orgasmic ride

My pussy clenched and spasmed
As I screamed your sweet name
My head thrown back in ecstasy
I knew I'd never be the same

When my high had waned
You pulled me up for another kiss
I was dead to the world
Alive only for that bliss

You took me by the hand
Led me to the shower stall
Pulled me in under the water
The water cascaded like a waterfall

You ground your cock against me
As your hands roamed free
Your lips never leaving mine
As we forgot reality

Time stood still
As you pushes me to the ground
On my knees before you
I moaned at what I found

Your cock was full and throbbing
Thicker than my wrist
I leaned in tasting your precum
As I placed my first kiss

I opened my mouth wide
Taking in your crown
It was with great struggle
That I managed to get my lips around

Your hands wrapped in my hair
As you felt a mouth on you for the first time
You growled in pleasure
I snickered in my mind

You felt so heavy in my mouth
The biggest I've ever had
I gagged noisily on your cock
The intensity driving you mad

I was getting lost in you
Seeking only your release
When you pulled me up
"Come on baby please!"

You led me back to bed
Tossed me effortlessly down
You climbed between my legs
And went to town

You licked up my juices
Greedy in your touch
You nibbled my clit
It was too much

My orgasm ripped through me
Tore me to my core
I screamed incoherently
As I begged for more

You slapped my cunt with your cock
Then aimed at my tight hole
You slammed into me
Impaling me on your pole

I wrapped my legs around your waist
As you started to pound away
I met you thrust for thrust
You'd only dreamt about this day

No longer a virgin but a man
You wrapped your hand around my throat
Took away my air
As with pleasure I began to choke

You thrust hard and deep staying there
Rigid as you spilled your seed
You howled like a mad man
Finally getting what you need

I came hard on your cock
When you fed me back my air
Pulling you to me
As I ran my hands through your hair

You collapsed atop of me
Smothering my screams with your kiss
I knew in that moment
I'd never feel anything as wonderful as this

We cuddled for hours
Kissing and caressing one another
We fell asleep in love
For us there would be no others

You gave me your cherry
As you stole my heart away
And now here I am years later
Still reminiscing about that day

You've left for work now
After a morning quickie
And I'm lost in memories
As your scent lingers on me

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