tagErotic Poetrylisa's land of lust

lisa's land of lust


if my life were a movie
it would be called lisa's land of lust
there would be a host of sex scenes
that you can trust
there would be girl on girl action
and double penetration
the triple x rating
would cause physical stimulation
i'd be wearing very little clothing
if any at all
maybe i'd do a scene
just wearing a g string and bra
every character
would get a chance to fuck me
my movie would break box office records
and i'd be an instant celebrity
there would be dirty talk
and role playing too
and when i run out of characters
i'd start fucking the crew
lisa's land of lust
would show scenes of domination
and my movie would be the cause
of lots of fornication
my movie would feature
the use of sex toys
and you'd know when i was cummin'
because i make so much noise
you'd see me sucking dick
eating pussy and masturbating
you'd be touching yourself in your seat
fuck getting home and waiting
my sensual moaning
would be music to your ears
mine would be the best movie
you'd seen in years
i would have lots of anal scenes
and i'd use a sex swing too
you'd be cumming in your hands
before my movie was through
i'd be fucking people
who are my sexual equal
my movie would be so hot
that i'd have to make a sequel

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