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lisa's likes


big breasted women
really turn me on
and i just love
girl on girl porn
i masturbate often
because i need that release
only when i'm menstruating
does the masturbation cease
when i see anal
it really gets me going
sometimes i like to dress up
and then go out hoing
i'm a very flexible person
pretty much anything goes
i'll suck your soft lips
i'll even suck your toes
i like to take a bath
then bring out the baby oil
i treat my body good
and myself i sexually spoil
viewing gay sex
is another interest of mine
chicks aren't the only ones
who can take it up the behind
i like food with my sex
strawberries and chocolate sauce
i like to be in control
i like being the boss
dirty talk is great
it makes my temperature rise
it gets me so hot
between my thick thighs
these are the things i like
this is what i'm into
nothing you've read is false
all of it is true

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