tagNon-Erotic PoetryLittle frog big toad hot road

Little frog big toad hot road


I watched a little frog,
As he tried to cross the road.
And then as he was joined,
By a great big toad.

Then that Mr. Toad,
Let out a great big bellow.
He said to the little frog,
“How do you do there little fellow”

The little frog said,
With his tiny little voice.
“I have to cross this road”
“As I have no choice”

Then Mr. Toad said,
“I don’t think you should go”
“For you’re much to little”
“And surely to slow”

“But I must, I must”
Is what he now cried.
But I just can’t make it,
For I’ve tried and tried.

The road was very hot,
On this summers day.
And if he failed to make it across,
With his life he’d pay.

Then Mr. Toad said,
“Why must you cross?”
“It’s only one more road”
“Yes, you certainly have me at a loss”

“Because just past the road”
“Is where I call home”
“And it was not hot”
“Last night when across I did roam”

“And now to my family,
Is where I must return”
“But if I fail to make it,
I’ll surely burn”

Mr. Toad said to him,
“There must be a way, Yes, there just must be”
And then he suddenly blurted out,
“I’ve got it! You can ride on top of me”

So the little frog jumped right on top,
Of that big old toad.
And soon of together they were,
Across that so very hot road.

And then as the little frog,
Hopped down to the rivers bend.
      He stopped and turned,
And waived goodbye to his new friend.

Now on every hot summers day,
He smiles remembering meeting Mr. Toad.
And how his friend saved him,
From crossing that burning hot road…BWL

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