tagErotic PoetryLittle Lulu!

Little Lulu!

byUncle Pervey©

Little Lulu was a pudgy girl,
Who never lost her baby fat.
She was a delectible Darling,
Although some said she was a brat.

Little Lulu liked to tease the men,
She knew what they wanted real bad.
She would sun bathe when they could see her,
She liked to show off what she had!

Then one day while she was sun bathing,
I decided I'd have her ass.
While she was lying on her stomach,
I sneaked up on her in the grass.

Before I'd started I'd got naked,
My cock was twitching and real hard.
I moved slow until I got real close,
I wanted to squeeze Lulu's lard.

Little Lulu laid there fast asleep,
So I straddled her legs down low.
I wanted to have her sweet plump ass,
I wanted my tongue in her hole!

I squatted down and spread her ass cheeks,
And clamped my mouth around her hole.
I began jamming my tongue inside,
And holding tight to Lulu's roll.

Little Lulu awoke with a cry,
"Oh what are you doing to me!"
I was too busy to say a word,
Cause I was eating frenzedly.

Little Lulu couldn't move at all,
Because I held her with my arms.
While Lulu struggled I kept eating,
I was gobbling Lulu's charms!

Then I felt Lulu begin to move,
She wasn't struggling no more.
She started wiggling her sweet ass,
And then she whimpered "Do it more!"

Little Lulu began pushing back,
She reached back and pulled her cheeks wide.
She seemed to like what I was doing,
So I licked her real good inside.

Little Lulu started in squealing,
And wiggling her ass around.
Then she started right in cumming,
As I ate her ass on the ground.

"Now you've had your climax it's my turn!
I'm going to cornhole you real good.
I'm going to shove my cock in your ass,
And fuck it like I know I should!"

Little Lulu gasped "Please don't do it,
I'm afraid that it's gonna hurt."
I told Lulu that I'd be careful,
I'd do it slow and not exert.

I pressed my cock against her asshole,
And then I pushed it in real slow.
I pressed my hips down against her ass,
And let my swollen hot cock go!

Little Lulu grunted and whimpered,
"You're tearing my asshole apart!"
I kept sliding my cock deep inside,
I kept fucking with all my heart!

Little Lulu began pushing back,
And squeezing her spincter real tight.
It felt so good I started cumming,
Her asshole milked my cock just right!

I filled her shithole with my hot cum,
And let her asshole suck me dry.
I told Little Lulu she was great,
And I'd love her ass til I die!!

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