tagErotic Poetrylong live lesbians

long live lesbians


i strapped on my rubber dildo
and spread her soft legs apart
i'm gonna end up in her ass
but her cunt is where i'll start
my baby girl's all excited
'cause she loves gettin' screwed
and the best thing about her
she's always in the mood
we start with missionary
so i can see the funny faces that she makes
and i know she's ready to cum
by the way her sexy body shakes
she takes all ten inches
of my long, fake dick
i get even hotter
when she gives it a lick
she sucks my cock clean
then bends over the counter
she spreads her ass cheeks for me
and from the back i mount her
she howls like a wolf
i growl like a bear
we know the neighbors can hear us
but we don't care
i love the way her booty bounces
when i hit it from behind
i'm proud of my sexuality
being a lesbian suits me just fine

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