tagErotic PoetryLook At Me

Look At Me


We walk out in the woods,
in the middle of the park.
I look around at the people,
strolling with their kids
or dogs
or lover,
and I shiver slightly.
I wonder how this will play out,
will they be able to see?
Or will we be hidden from all but the most
    determined eyes?
We go deep into the foilage,
where the bushes are thick
and deeds that aren't "for public consumption"
get played out every day.
We stop in the middle of one particularly thick copse
and I feel the shivering turn into shaking.
He leers at me, his mouth turned up in a sardonic grin.
"Go on," he says softly but with a hint of menace.
    "It's what you wanted, isn't it?"
Now that the moment is here,
    the fear almost chokes me.
I look at him, though, and the protest dies in my mouth.
Shaking almost to pieces, I slowly pull the sweater
    over my head.
His grin gets bigger, and I get more bold.
I reach behind my back and unlatch my bra.
I let it slowly slide down my arms,
   exposing my breasts inch by inch.
His breathing becomes ragged and eyes darker.
At his grunt, I then unfasten my pants,
unzipping slowly,
pulling them down inch by inch
over my hips, sliding down my thighs
to pool at my feet.
He glares at me and, gulping audibly,
   I slide my thong over the same path my jeans
   took just before, over my hips and down my legs.
Shoes slide off with the pants and panties,
  leaving my stockings and nothing else.
He looks at me, considering,
  then yanks down his pants -
   he goes commando, I know, so he's
  always ready -
and yanks me by my hair to the ground.
I scream a little, which he knew I'd do;
   if anyone is in the area, they'll certainly come look.
As he thrusts his cock into my wet and hot cunt, I wonder ...
   will they?

He smiles as he pulls up his pants;
   he says it's the hottest fuck we've had yet.

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