tagErotic PoetryLooking For Master

Looking For Master


Inside this unending labrynth,
No exit can be seen.
Through dead-ends and misdirections,
I wander all alone.
Not a soul have I encountered,
Traveling this lonley maze.
Brief glimpses of eyes,
Of people looking in.

NEEDING to find a Master,
someone to whom I Belong.
WANTING to find a Teacher,
someone to teach me how to Serve.
LONGING to find a Guide,
someone to show me the path Home (to Him).
HOPING to find a Lover,
someone to hold me safe within His heart.

Longing, Wanting, Needing, Hoping,
Finding nothing but dispair.
Trying to have the courage,
To put my Self out there.
Knowing I am unworthy,
So lost, confused, and SCARED.

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