bySoul Of Eros©

the musics playing
and I'm swaying
and she starts to move
the groove
making her pump those thighs
she looks into my eyes
smiles with a wicked grin
and I can only think sin
her ass bounces, up, down
motion to heavy bass sounds
and I want to drown
to be in her lovely gown
and her panties
but will she want me

a quick turn to show her ass
some nice bit of mass
and I can't help but want
everything this girl has to flaunt
a quick step, a spank
a spin and a yank
and this girl is mine
and I'm smiling cuz she's fine
I took the chance
and I'm ready to dance
and we do
until there is no moon
until there in no room
until there is a lack of boom
the sun rises
she and I still
lost in this thrill
she's lost in me, sure
and me
I remain lost in her


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