Love is soft--
     As a down-filled pillow.

Love is warm--
     As a cup of hot cocoa
     On a cold winter's day.

Love is quiet--
     As unspoken as the snow
     Falling gently on the last
     Of summer's green grass.

Love is unpretentious--
     As unassuming--
     As an anonymous gift.

Love is beautiful--
     As a rose in bloom.

Love is great--
     As the towering pines that I
     Look at through my window.

Love is comfortable--
     Like being in Mother's arms.

Love is pure--
     As a baby's smile.

Love is fresh--
     Like the air
     After a soft spring rain.

Love is total giving--
     Total caring.

Love is the beginning--
     And the fulfillment.

God is Love.

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