tagNon-Erotic PoetryLove is a Part of Life

Love is a Part of Life


I wrote this poem about six months ago for a now ex-boyfriend's birthday. It held true at the time, and it's still a piece of my work. He enjoyed it. Maybe it'll help a girl someday with her fella.

"Love is a Part of Life"

Love is a wonderful entity,

It is a making of the heart unexplained.

Love is very important for a person to live.

Without it, a person is helpless.

No love makes a dark world;

A dark world saps happiness.

No happiness causes hate and war.

Love is hate’s opposite.

It is much more comfortable to experience,

It makes a person feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It makes them want to jump up and down with glee

And yell and shout and tell everyone who will listen.

I am at that point now.

Love has warmed my heart.

I have found the one I want,

Now the only challenge is to find the patience,

will and heart to be able to wait.

I give him my heart, my love, my soul,

I think about him day and night.

Distance and time holds us apart,

Hopefully not for much longer.

But even if it does continue on,

I will wait, and I will love.

I love him all the more for everything he does.

Until the day we say "I do.",

I will wait, and dream, and think,

Of our times together soon to come.

The love we will share,

The fun we will have,

The fantasy in which we will live,

Nothing will keep us apart.

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