tagNon-Erotic PoetryLove is Not as Easy as 1,2,3

Love is Not as Easy as 1,2,3


Why is it that love finds some people and others try to find it, and have no luck? Why is letting go of the wall surrounding our feelings so hard to let others in? Some people can block out certain things and have sex with strangers. Why does love find people when they least expect it? Love seems like a powerful tool, some people experience it over, and over again with the love of their life. Others choose to ignore love and focus on sex or being trapped in the relationship. Love has many outlets to it. There are different degrees to love. Finding the ultimate love or the "soul mate", is a feeling no one can understand or know what it feels like until they are there. People in their life time can taste love, but to experience it at first hand and have it last 50 plus years, thats a strong everlasting love. Will love ever be as strong as our grandparents, or has society changed so much that a regular occurrence, that will be no different than a mismatched pair of socks. It seems like love does not last as long now a days than it did in our grandparents days. What are we teaching our children thats different than it was 40-50 yrs ago? Society makes us believe image is everything and sex happens sooner than we can say “we are a couple”. So many people can have sex as common as eating a candy bar. We tend to jump into it early and not think of the consequences. What ever happened to getting to know someone first or establishing a friendship before sex. Now people jump into it and then wonder why “Johnny” does not call after the first night together. Sex and making love, in my opinion should be taken seriously with the consequences, and the feelings involved. When I meet that right person for me, I want to feel what my grand parents felt with their everlasting love. I want to look into their eyes, feel the love, warmth, the closeness, that I felt the first day with them, to the last day I am with them. I want to feel a love that keeps my mind refreshed, a place I know exists between them and myself. I want to be the couple walking hand in hand, enjoying each others company in any place, or event. The smile on my face goes that extra mile when the love of my life is by my side. I have this feeling that a certain special person in my life is blossoming into the flower that I am looking for. He is blossoming in my eyes into a beautiful flower. This was one thing I did not expect to happen to me in Baghdad. Love finds people when they least expect it. It creeps up on you. Love can bring people together if they can open up their hearts.

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