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Lovers Without A Care


My name is Chelle and my boyfriend's name is Adam. We met on a website over a year ago. We're both divorced (from other people), we're happy and taking one day at a time.

He's over 6' tall, so skinny you can see his ribs, and in the Army. Gotta love those guys in uniform! Well, i'm 5'5, i'm a bigger girl, and I'm an erotica author. He thinks
I'm beautiful, but I don't believe him. I just refuse to argue with him now, I never win. We're both pervs and we love each other even though we don't say it all the time. We don't really have to, because we KNOW we do.

"So, what's on your mind?"


"What about me?"


"How's that working for you?"

"It would work better if you would come closer."

"Oh yeah?"


So, he moves closer to me and I get up and straddle him. I kiss him and he returns the kiss, but as the kiss deepens his hands start to wander up to my breasts, which are D's, down to my ass, then to my hips which he grabs and pins me to him. I start rocking against him, moaning into his mouth. It's pure magic how I got completely stripped of all my clothing from the time I got up til the time I straddled him. He's naked too, of course. He likes to be. I do not.

I won't let him penetrate me...yet. I'm not really in the mood for foreplay, but i'm not exactly ready for him to be inside me either. Nothing wrong with making out, is there? Nah, I don't think so. I rock against him again as we continue to kiss. His hands back on my breasts, pinching and rolling my nipples. I feel that all the way to my cunt. I'm getting wet and wetter by the second.

I moan again. I break the kiss so he can move to my neck and down so he can suck on my breasts. Which I absolutely love. I love it all, actually. He knows it, too!
Finally, I've had enough I lift up, reaching in between us and down, I grab his not so little friend and shove him inside me as I let myself go back down.
I groan and stay still, adjusting to his size before moving.

I move slow and hard then fast and hard before getting off of him so I can pull him to the floor. Once he's there, I straddle him again and slide him inside of me. I lean against the floor so I can kiss him as I move.

In and out
In and out
In and out



You can hear my wetness as he slides in and out of me. I growl softly as he grabs ahold and fucks me from underneath. Upon sitting up, he grabs ahold of me tighter and goes even hard, faster never letting up. I brace myself against him with a hand while my other one makes its way to my clit.

"Mmm, I like this, don't stop!"

Never does.
Don't think he would if he didn't have to.
He's addicted now.

Getting tired of being on top, I roll, with him, onto my back. He takes total control of me now. He teases me by pulling out until just the head of his dick is inside of me before plunging deep inside of me again then pulling out again. He does this several times until I think he's going to stop before plunging back in again. Which makes me extremely happy.

But, that doesn't last long before he pulls out and slides down to my pussy which he attacks with his tongue, which makes me jump! He thrusts his tongue in and out of my pussy. After awhile, he slides a finger inside of me. I moan. He thrusts his finger in and out of me too before coming back up to kiss me as he slides his dick in my puss and his finger in my ass.

I gasp, moan, and jerk all at the same time. He has an ass fetish. But, he won't do it if I didn't want him to.
And I do. Sometimes.

He starts fucking me with all his might. Never slowing down, never stopping until he gets me to orgasm-which is quickly approaching-because my hand is still on my clit. Working as fast as I can! My pussy is too wet, my fingers keep sliding.
Eventually, with his dick, finger, and my fingers I climax...HARD and FAST!

I lay there panting as he continues for a few seconds before stopping. He came! Yes!
He kisses me again before dismounting and laying beside me.

"Damn, you're good!"
He smiles.

"Rest, if that didn't get it. Round two or three will."

I seriously want to know what the hell he's talking about, but I have an IDEA! He's gonna purposefully get me or TRY to get me pregnant. I think he wants me to blame him for something, since he's innocent with the things wrong with me.

Or, maybe he just wants me to have his kid. That works too, right?

He pulls me closer to him, cuddling me. He loves to hold me. I love him holding me, I feel..safe!

I get up and he looks at me with a puzzled look.

"Let's go to the bedroom, the bed is much more comfortable then the floor is."

"This is true."

In the bedroom, I crawl into bed. Laying on my right side. He soon follows and lays behind me, on his right side. Holding me close.

"Mmm, I love the feel of your body against mine."
I say as I move closer.

Bump, bump, bump.
I'm bumping him with my ass.
I want him inside me, again.

"In me, NOW!"

I lift my left leg up, so I can slide him inside me. I lower my leg down, forcing it in between his. Now, he can't go anywhere. I'm tighter and he's deeper.


"See, this position is great. All you have to do is grab my hip and fuck me. You can push me away, pull me closer. Don't have to work all that hard. Just go slow. You can even fall asleep in me this way, if you want."

So, he grabs ahold of my hip and starts pounding away behind me. I remove my leg from between his, moving it up as far as I can go, tilting my hips and ass, I let him pound me. Moaning, groaning.

"God! This is fantastic!"

"Do not stop!"

"I won't."

He moves harder and faster.
He wants to get me to orgasm, but I have no desire to do so. But, i'm going to make HIM come.

He pulls me tight against him as he thrusts in and out of me. I start tightening and loosening my pc muscles, like they're 'swallowing' him.
I do this over and over again then I reach back, placing my left hand on his stomach and fuck him the best I can all the while using my muscles to coax him to come.
Which works, doesn't matter how much you try not to come, you're gonna come!

I can feel him filling me up for the second time tonight. I so love that feeling. He lays still, still inside me. I lay there and listen to his heavy breathing.
Ohh, I think he enjoyed himself.

I soon fall asleep with him still inside of me.

More to come...Let me know if you liked this or not! Thanks! :)

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