tagErotic PoetryLove's Selections - Haiku

Love's Selections - Haiku


These Haiku are inspired by my one and only Love. There may be some repeats mixed in from Love's Sister Selections.

* * * * *

Exhausted from work
My Love is in warm splendor
My last shirt, inviting

Her Sister is sweet
Glory shadowed only by
My Love working her

Driving home, crazy
Fear of orgy disallowed
Love’s reading instead

Lesbian Porno
I beg my Love to try it
Blowjob wipes desire

Group is watching us
Eyes shine as I work magic
Love’s crescendo. Claps.

Sixty-nine, just fine
Grinding slit, begging release
Bobbing Love thrills me

Balling heavily
Sister comes in, innocent
Love angry, sans eyes

Brilliant foreplay, Love
Fingers dancing on you, me
Too much, now I’m done

Friends hiding, eager
Waiting in darkness for Love
Surprise, Happy Birth!

Little white socks, cute
Love stands sweetly in pigtails
Lusty young vision

Truth or Dare, my Love
Eyes watch as she caresses
Mortified, excited

Tentative, teasing
My Love glancing my sore meat
Nympho, coaxing more

Car fogged, Love riding
My eyes slits, watching her move
And red and blue lights

Watching last night’s tape
Love sprawling, draped in her touch
I play, await her

Hands on ankles, bent
Ass to the sky, hands caress
Love pants while I play

Slick bobbing fury
Hair flying, Love devours
She drinks me deeply

Love sixty-nining
Sis lapping balls, Love bobbing
Dream breaks in sunlight

Two dozen roses
Love’s eyes sparkle, quickly stripped
Purchase rewarded

High heels, stocking feet
Short skirt, tight blouse, push-up bra
Love off to work. Sigh.

I buck for my Love
Riding skill like a cowgirl
Glad to be her stud

Faster! Harder! Now!
I can’t fill you fast enough!
Driving! Oh my Love!

I am the doctor
My love the patient, undressed
My syringe pricks deeply

Bored class, mind wanders
Love goes down, Sister receives
She winks in my dream

Slippery fingers
Touched to my tongue, ambrosia
I caress Love more

I watch my Love dress
I pretend to sleep, don’t stir
She wears no panties

Love’s delicate orbs
Hovering above my face
Left or right, tough choice

I creep in on Love
She labors with toys, no hope
I replace, relieve

Evening at dinner
Love and Sis talk while I eat
Who’s toe in my groin?

Another phone call
I unplug it and return
Love is impatient

Her pearl-y necklace
Its all she wears while she strokes
Love, add mine to yours

Tender Honeymoon
Candlelit meal, eyes offer
Fun consumation

I am so lonely
My Love’s embrace warms my soul
Little else matters

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