Sweet darling give me another shot of your pretty pussy. Give it to me real, straight, and no chaser. Make me drunk with lust for you. Let me drink from the liquor of lust. Let me dip my tongue into the reservoir of life. Let me taste the wine of the grape.

As I dip my tongue into your pussy, Roman orgies fill my mind. I become intoxicated. I hear music. I see virgins swaying to a long ago forgotten melody. I have visions of nude people entwined. I smell an aroma of food and wine throughout the room. A harp strums, and my senses vibrate with lust.

My tongue is moist with you. Lust becomes my master. Like a man dying of thirst, I drink of your pussy. Your moisture revives me. Lustful energy brings me to life. I am strong now. Power moves me with purpose. I am more alive.

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