tagErotic Poetrym.i.l.f does the body good

m.i.l.f does the body good


she was 42
i was 22
she did things
chicks my age never do

she was my mom's best friend
and my best friend's mom
she knew exactly what to do
and was something of a dom

the melons on this lady
were perfect in every way
her entire body was wicked
that's all i have to say

we met in a hotel
she took care of the fee
before the end of the night
she had explored my complete anatomy

she was wearing
a floor length negligee
i knew right then that
i'd never forget that day

she secured me to a chair
then started to dance
there was no way of hiding
the obvious boner in my pants

she ran her fingers through my hair
as she danced so erotically
then in a sexy,low voice
said what she was gonna do to me

she produced a jar of honey
and put some on her tongue
she was the queen bee
by whom i was about to be stung

her sticky tongue was in my mouth
her breath was warm and sweet
and as much as i wanted to brag
i knew we had to be discrete

she was straddled across my lap
as she kissed her way to my neck
my cock grew stiffer
with each soft peck

as she slowly grinded against my groin
she looked me right in the eyes
then raised up her negligee
giving me a glimpse of her thighs

she asked if i found her sexy
i replied with an enthusiastic yes
then she stood up
and began to undress

she slithered out of her negligee
and tossed it to the side
i wanted to grab my cock
but she had my hands tied

she began playing with herself
and i watched in awe
she had amazing curves
and not one flaw

she said if i asked politely
her cunt juice covered fingers
she'd let me lick
i didn't hesitate, i asked please quick

as if applying pussy flavored lip gloss
she ran her wet fingers across my lips
then one by one she let me
suck their cream covered tips

i wanted to fuck her so badly
that my dick had started to throb
i bet she could make me cum
just from giving me a hand job

she released me from the chair
because i was well behaved
then allowed me to touch her pussy
which was totally shaved

she helped me out my clothes
we both stood there nude
i couldn't even blink
on her body my eyes were glued

she placed her hands on my shoulders
and pushed me down
now i was face to face
with her beautiful, bald mound

she forced my mouth to her pussy
and instructed me to eat
and for the second time i tasted honey
her pussy was hot,moist, and sweet

she rubbed my cock with her foot
as i tongued her clit
and my hand traveled up her leg
making its way to her slit

she said i had enough
then suddenly pushed me away
i was ready to cum
just from foreplay

she ordered me to get on the bed
and said to get face down
she said no matter what
i was not to turn around

i felt something warm
being dripped on to my skin
then she began massaging me
and rubbing the substance in

she was positioned on me
so that her pussy was on my butt
i just kept saying to myself
man please don't nut

she massaged my entire backside
then she did my entire front
and that gave me the chance
to again see her cunt

her smooth hands on my body
felt incredibly nice
then she gave me a blow job
with her mouth full of ice

right then and there
i thought i was gonna blow my load
my balls actually ached
my cock seriously needed to explode

my dick was harder
than it ever had been
and this milf's pussy
it couldn't wait to get in

the heat from her mouth
made the ice quickly melt
it was insane
how good that shit felt

then she looked at me
and said it was that time
the next thing i knew
on my cock she did climb

she rode my dick
like she was possessed
scratching and clawing
at my somewhat buff chest

she spread her cunt lips
so her clit she could expose
i kept my eyes wide open
refusing to let them close

having my cock cum in her cunt
was a truly terrific thrill
milfs rock dude
i love pussy that's over the hill

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