tagErotic PoetryMagicae Amatorios.( Erotic Magic )

Magicae Amatorios.( Erotic Magic )


Magicae Amatorios.( Erotic Magic )

They told me that it was a curse
when you chose me to assist you.
A wicked man they called you;
An enchanter, unholy, perverse.

But, "Thaumaturgist", you call yourself.
You are a worker of wonders,
And down in your secret chambers
We test each of your formula.

Those obtuse fools on the outside
Know nothing of your genius;
Though you could brighten their dismal lives,
If they would only open their minds.

For your specialty-
Magicae Amatorios,
The magic of the erotic-
Adds certain charms to the bedroom.


Chained to a bulky oaken chair,
I am filled with fear and fervor.
You stand and study me keenly,
Your blue eyes ablaze with eerie light.

"Duplicatam Lingua!"
Your voice, rich and deep, reverberates,
And a pale, spectral twin of your tongue
Appears in the cold air between us.

You close in on my naked form,
And guide the ghost tongue between my thighs.
It touches my sodden pussy,
And I ringingly voice my pleasure.

It laps me from cunt hole to clit.
You cover my mouth with harsh kisses,
Grab my breasts like a man possessed,
And I cry out, enraptured by you.

While I gasp in the wake of bliss,
you step back and watch me trembling.
Your opened cloak shows me your cock,
Erect, red and weeping.

"Duplicatam Verpa!"
Now a pale shadow of your cock
approaches my helpless body.
I am no virgin; I crave it.
I beg wantonly to be fucked by it.

You indulge my slutty desire.
Your phantom prick slides into me.
And, whilst it pounds me remorselessly,
Your corporeal cock enters my whorish mouth.
Fucked at both ends, I come and come.
And when you gift me with your essence,
Fill my mouth with white, musky cream,
I gulp it down like a fine wine.

We laugh at our combined success;
Another experiment in thaumaturgy
That will be shared with all the world
When magic is more accepted.

You gently lift me from the chair.
"I am proud of you, dearest one."
You carry me up to our rooms
To make love's own unique magic.

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