tagErotic Poetrymaidens dance

maidens dance


The drums begin a slow methodical beat
and the maidens begin to move in unison
Soft light caressing down across their naked bodies
The men sit around drinking out of their glasses
Softly talking and reminiscing amongst themselves
The drums begin to grow louder and faster
and the maidens begin to move in time
Sweat beads as skin touched skin
and the young women move towards the same goal
The men start to look up
As the the conversations suddenly cease
Eyes focused on the maidens as the drums grow even faster
The naked bodies keep in rhythm with heaving chests and small cries
The beat moves faster and faster until it reaches a sudden climax
The drums cease beating
Maidens fall to the floor catching their breath
Drinks are now refilled
and the men once again reminisce in the soft light

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