tagErotic PoetryMake Me A Girl, Daddy. Pt.01

Make Me A Girl, Daddy. Pt.01


Watch me sink to my shaking knees,
Help me with a hand on my head.
Talk to me as I undo your briefs
And toss them onto your cold bed.

I gasp at the sight of your hanging meat,
Which ripples with veins. At my touch it stiffens.
My own grows hard as I kiss your feet,
And venture uptown. At its sight my eyes quicken.

This is the first I have ever laid eyes on,
Which isn't the flesh between my own legs.
I've dreamt of this moment, now the daydream is gone,
And right in my face hangs your organ of sex.

My hand, it works slowly and tentatively,
Rubbing its way up and down your shaft.
You groan as I jack your meat sensually,
And a clear fluid runs from your huge erect mast.

"Give it a lick, slut" you say with a spank
On my tight exposed boy-butt that now flushes red.
I run my tongue from balls to tip as I wank
And I savour your pre-cum, just as you said.

Now your whole cock is in my stupid mouth-hole,
Your hard cock-head tickles the back of my throat.
So deep I can barely breath, I'm taking your whole
Erect cock, and as I choke you start to gloat

At my stupid face struggling for breath through your meat.
You pinch my nose, now my eyes roll back and I
Keep sucking your dick like a child at the teat,
Till you let me go, and I breathe deep with a sigh.

"Good boy," you coo as I gasp for breath,
Licking saliva from my aching lips.
"Now, make me cum", and I pounce with what's left
Of the energy stored in my girly hips.

I devour your manly meat, savouring the taste,
Of macho virility, a hot flavour which
Makes me feel like a bimbo girl, totally abased,
Oh daddy, I'm just a lil sissy bitch.

You're tensing up, you're getting ready to breed,
So I suck with new vigour. With a huge moan you cum,
Firing shot after shot of your hot sticky seed,
I swallow. "Next, daddy, please put it in my bum".

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