tagErotic PoetryMaking Love

Making Love

bySophias Passion©

He takes me into his embrace,
Never realizing my fall from grace.
He kisses me deep,
Now I know I will not sleep.
He removes my blouse,
I'm timid as a mouse.
He makes my bra to fall,
My heart speeds from a crawl.
My skirt is raised,
My silky flower shown in a daze.
He gives me smiles,
He has traveled many miles.
His clothes come off,
Next a kiss, then a cough.
I hold his organ in hand,
The greatest in all the land.
He kisses me and takes me to bed,
I follow knowing I am led.
He lays me down,
I giggle like a clown.
My thighs part,
He sees my flower to be quite smart.
I am already wet,
That you can surely bet.
He enters me,
I then squeal with glee.
He fills me,
He loves me.
We are one for an eternity,
My orgasms lead me to infinity.
Next we erupt,
His love enters me uncorrupt.
It feels me up,
For his seed I am his cup.
Upon me he lays,
Our love is to amaze.
Our love untold,
To each other we have been sold.

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