tagErotic PoetryMaking Love To You

Making Love To You


"I love you more than anything!"
When I tell you that, it's true!
The only thing I love as much
Is my making love to you

Someday when we have our children,
I will no doubt love them more--
I want a better life for THEM
Than we ever had before!

But while it's just the two of us,
Ev'rything so fresh and new,
I can't help it how I want you--
I want to make love to you!

It is more than just our bodies
Locked in ultimate embrace;
It's the kissing and the touching,
It's looking into your face.

Your soft and tender caresses,
The warmth of your skin on mine,
Hearing you whisper "I love you"
Before our bodies intertwine...

I look into your soulful eyes
And my body starts to burn;
As you wrap your arms around me,
It is for you that I yearn.

I love many people and things
But now matter what I do,
The thing I'll always love the most
Is my making love to you!

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