tagErotic PoetryMaster, Please

Master, Please


Master Please, put me over bent knees,
take your vengeance to my bottom,
if these are the fees, I long to please,
just let me be with you,
Our love i have not forgotten.

Master Please, touch my skin with open palm,
punish me when I’ve been wrong,
in some ways it’s for this I long,
to feel your might and feel you strong,

Master, Please know that when i cry,
i cry for You and the things You do,
to me deep within that remind of the sin,
of the love that i forgot to carry for you.

Master, Please, know that when i sigh,
i sigh for You and the things You do.
to me deep within that reminds my quim,
of the craving that i carry for you.

Master, please, let me know without a doubt,
that you do not seek to get ‘out’
and you may do as you please,
with me over Your bent knees.
For i will know that i am truly Yours...

Master Please

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