tagNon-Erotic PoetryMe~Heart & Soul

Me~Heart & Soul


I looked around my world
Once so real to me
Now disguised in my words
Dressed up in guises
Turned to softest black
I ask myself
Whats it worth
My heart
My soul
I beg for tears
Shed for me
Some sympathy
In this darkened place
Of apathy

I want to know who we are

After I gave my heart away

Second guessing questions
Never answered for me
As I tie myself tight
To this pain
My walls closing in
On me
Fighting this fear
So deep inside of me

I want to know

Where this is leading me

After I gave myself away
Lost in this rhythmic repitition
The beating of my heart
A sting in my soul
As no tears fall for me
No sympathy
In this black place
This land of apathy

Sitting by myself
In my world of malcontent
Asking myself
The cost of who I am
Lost in who i was
In everything i saw
and I'm so sorry
For tying myself to this pain
For dragging everyone through my hell
Just please don't turn away
Read these words misleading
Don't turn your back on me

Shed no tears
For me
Don't worry
Over me
Feel no sympathy
Concerning me

No fears

for me
Don't let your tears fall

for me
Everyones already lost me
In this dark place
As they read my words
As I become
A phantom
Lost inside my heart
My soul

I want to know what my worth is

after i bleed everything away
Drowning in the sympathy
I push away
So gracefully
So gently
Disguised in this softest black
As I say you've lost me
In these tears
Falling all over me
Breathing through me

I looked around my world
That was once so real to me
Now confused in my words
Hidden in disguises
Faded to darkest gray
I reveal to myself
What they're worth
My heart
My soul
Turn from tears
Shed for me
The sympathy
In this wretched place
Of safe apathy

I beg you
Forget me

after i gave everything in me
So gently weeping
My words
As you lose me
Tethered to this pain
Locked so tight
Behind these walls
And I'm losing the fight
So deep inside me
I want to know what else i can give

After you took my heart

My soul
Hiding from the world
All around me
Turn your back
On me
All my fears
Melting away
In my tears
My words
Forget me
Your sympathy
This apathy
Concealing me

Let me forget these times of pain
My shame
Your blame
Worth more
Than my heart
My soul
I looked upon my world
Lost to me
And I just want to ask
The worth of my words
As you read me
Feel my apathy
Concearning me
To my heart
My soul
Don't cry for me
Feel sympathy
No heart ache for me
No empathy
Feel nothing for me
Just don't leave
Don't turn from me
Stay here
Hate me
Despise me
Use me
So aggressively
Tie me to your pain
So hatefully
My tears I feel
Don't fall for me
My empathy
Not meant for me
The doll in this world
Perfect failure
Lost in who I am
Alone and empty again
Empty heart
Empty soul
My cost
So fleeting
I looked upon my world
Thats taken everything from me
Misleading me
Consuming whats left
My heart
My soul
Until there is nothing left
Of me

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