Melinda was mine,
till the end of time.
Yeah she was quite fine,
she blew my mind.

Then along came Jim,
OH oh she went with him.
For a year or so,
Then along came joe.

Jim went with him.
Now Melinda's
all alone.

"Come back ta MEEEeeee"
she begged me
pretty please.
She was on'er knees,
Thatsa when i sneezed.

"You left me twice before,
you won't leave me anymore."
"Never more!"

"I'll let you wear my blue satin dress,
The one with lace."
Hey hey hey,
it could be great.

The offer's nice,
but it aint good enough,
Uh uh uh,
not good enough.

"How 'bout my
black patent hiheels
with bows?" "Oh oh oh
I can't say NO!"

Melinda's mine till the end of time.
She's o.k. Still blows my mind.
She's not goin' anywhere that she knows,
Reason's cause i own all her clothes.

Oh oh oh oooooooah,
those hiheels with bows.
Bah ba pa baaaaaaaah,
an i like that braaaaaa.
Bah bop bop boooooooah,
Those hiheels woith bows.

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