Tender kisses and soft touches,
Silky skin caressing my own,
Tingles in places I never knew such pleasure in.

Your soft tongue licking my lips,
Rocking back and forth
With your hands on my hips.

Desperately longing for more of your sin,
You undress my quivering body and start to begin.
Feeling like a child I start to blush.

You spread my thighs,
You lick me places that I try to hide.
Biting my hips I start to giggle,

That tickles just a little.
You feel my body jerk,

And smile.
Spreading my lips you lick my clit,
It wasn't that long,

but seemed like the longest while.
Barely able to maintain control,
Farther and farther back my eyes roll.

Flicking your tongue back and forth on my nipple,
You massage my breast just the way that I like.
I only wish this could last all night.

You lick from the nape of my neck,
To the lobe of my ear,
Only you stop right now is my biggest fear.

With eyes closed tightly I feel your tongue,
You slip into my mouth.
I know we are just kissing,

But I feel like you are consuming my soul.
Somehow I manage to open my eyes,
Gazing at you I feel you slip deep inside.

So slow and tender you are trying to not hurt me.
You whisper into my ear that it will be okay.
I'm so engrossed in this passion,

I'm not sure what to say.
With a trembling voice
I told you that I wasn't scared.

My legs wrapped high around your waist,
You steadily quicken your pace.
Moans coming from somewhere deep inside,

I start thinking of love,
I wonder if I'm just something on the side.
Feeling my orgasm beginning to peak,

I feel your cock slip extremely deep.
I came in just seconds
Of you falling deeper inside.

I feel like you are trying to become...
A part of my body.
You take my hands above my head,

Your kiss my cheek,
Then you told me things will never be the same.
Your orgasm is coming,

Making you moan,
It's almost like you think you are alone.
Feeling you pull out,

Knowing it was too late.
Laying there thinking...

My fate.
I stand and you pour out of me,
Looking over at you I see you've begun to cry.

I try to comfort you,
But think...
You should have known.

I start putting my clothes on,
Piece by piece,
Still thinking and feeling all alone.

You turned and asked if I would be your own?
I turned my back to him and said,
"I have to go back home."

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