tagErotic Poetrymommy "r"earest

mommy "r"earest


her ass is hungry
mine is too
we're about to do things
most moms and daughters don't do

she gets on her knees
i spread her cheeks
we both love anal play
'cause we're biological freaks

i tongue her crack
she releases a moan
we've been lovers
since i've been grown

mom moves her hot ass
up and down
i swirl my wet tongue
around and around

my tongue darts in and out
of my mom's tight hole
making mom's ass orgasm
is my current goal

mom arches her back
as a sign of her pleasure
mother daughter moments like this
we will always treasure

her crevice is shiny
and generously lubed with my spit
it's time to insert my thumb
previous experience tells me it will fit

she clenches her ass muscles
my thumb is in deep
and i'm getting wet between my legs
as my pussy juices seep

i'm thumbing mom's asshole
and she's loving every minute
i'm preparing her anal orifice
for when i put my strap-on in it

she fucks my thumb back
saying she wants more
i add another three fingers
her juicy ass easily accepts all four

mom's on the brink
she's about to blow
i switch up the pace
thumbing her fast and slow

that's one orgasm down
there are more to come
i lick her flavorful secretions
from my fingers and thumb

i strap on my plastic penis
mom lowers her opened asshole on top
and i'm in a trance
just watching her titties flop

my hands are softly squeezing her ass
she leans in so we can kiss
we have several memories of fucking each other
on which we often reminisce

i match her stroke for stroke
i match her thrust for thrust
we're so on fire for one another
we're gonna spontaneously combust

our tongues are tangled together
we're breast to breast
we each can feel the other's heart
beating through its chest

our fucking gets quicker
i open her asshole wider
if only this penis was real
believe me i'd cum inside her

mom bites my lip
her second nut is brewing
i wonder would dad be turned off or on
by what my mom and i are doing

mom's ass takes the entire length
she lets out an animalistic cry
i satisfy her anal appetite
as well as any guy

as our fucking intensifies
her cry is followed by a high pitched shriek
i make my mom cum again
and her body goes weak

my strap-on goes straight in my mouth
after coming out of her butt
her asshole's so gaped
it may never shut

mom retrieves her newest vibrator
from its storage place
she knows i'm dying to have it in my ass
from the eager expression on my face

i'm on my back
awaiting anal penetration
i'm about to cum
from sheer anticipation

mom slowly puts in the tip
then quickly shoves in the rest
i'm licking, kissing, and sucking
both of my massive breasts

my legs are spread apart
as far as they can possibly go
with every in and out motion
the more my juices flow

the humming vibe disappears
then reappears again
more moms should do this
with their adult female children

my asshole grips the vibrator
not wanting the tingling sensations to cease
mom nibbles on my clit
and my heart rate begins to increase

i'm seeing fireworks
yet it's not the fourth of july
i'm in the midst of an orgasm
that's the reason why

mom sucks on the vibe
like it's a real dick
she deepthroats it like a pro
even though it's long and thick

she fiercely sucks on my asshole
it makes such a sexy sound
my asshole yearns for her
when she's not around

i love the feeling of her warm tongue
as it thoroughly probes my asshole
my mom's eating my ass
making me lose control

i think i'm gonna faint
as she gives me another orgasm
my breathing is rapid
as my asshole muscles spasm

we're not finished yet
we have one more toy to try
it's the double-headed dildo
i promised i would buy

one end is in each of our asses
we're fucking butt to butt
our mission this time
is to simultaneously nut

our asses bounce off of each other
the double-headed dildo can't be seen
i am the anal princess
she is the anal queen

our assholes take a real beating
as we fuck and fuck and fuck
and after cumming together
we each have a head to suck

before anyone comes home
we shower and make the bed
both of our assholes were hungry
and they both got sufficiently fed

that's how we celebrated
my 25th birthday
niether one of us could have thought of
a better more satisfying way

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