tagErotic Poetrymore bang for your buck

more bang for your buck


fucking for a living
is the profession i'm in
i don't discriminate
i fuck women and men
i get paid very well
because i perform very well
if you've got the right anount
my pussy i will sell
i'm the best in the business
i'm in my prime
i've got a lot of experience
i've been at this a long time
i know all the tricks in the book
in fact, i invented a few
what ever fantasies you have
i'll make a reality for you
you can rent me for an hour
or for an entire night
if you can afford me
i'll treat you right
we can even take pictures
or record the whole session
you can pretend to be a priest
i'll be the slut giving confession
that will cost you extra
but i'm sure you won't mind
i'm like a dinosaur bone
i'm such a rare find
what ever you're into
i'll be into it too
my job is very simple
you pay me to please you
if you're looking for a hooker
your search ends with me
i am an icon
in the sex industry

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