tagErotic PoetryMorning Glory

Morning Glory


Awakening to a silent room,
instantly awake, my mind will bloom.
Dreams of bodies, glistening skin,
soft and sensual, thick and thin.

One thought fills my head,
taking me over, weaving through me like thread.
So deeply within me, undoubtably so,
my desires so pure, my cravings, they glow.

Images of bodies dressed in leather and lace,
bikinis, high-heels, legs all over the place.
Beautiful women of all ages and race,
fanning my desire and blushing my face.

Lovely bright faces so full of desire,
approach and recede, fueling the fire.
Full lips to be kissed, my tongue snaking out,
yearning to lick those cute feminine pouts.

I stretch out my body to enhance all my senses,
tingling all over, the falling of fences.
Accepting with joy the things I must do,
touching my skin with no inhibitions to go through.

My thoughts going deeper, sinking deep into the ring,
Seeing breasts all over me, the soft sensual sting.
Drowning in nipples, teasing me till death,
taking away every ounce of my breath.

No thoughts to resist as I feel their touch,
needing them, wanting them, my desire to much.
Kissing them, licking them, sucking away,
warm wet milk fills my mouth, my hunger at play.

Minds so detached from the bodies that move,
my hands on their own now, my mind in a groove.
Feeling my pussy, so wet and so thick
feminine desire making lips wildly slick.

Kneeling behind all those glorious asses,
upraised and shaking, such beautiful lasses.
I reach out and touch those heavenly moons,
legs parting and stretching, my body, it swoons.

My lips are my seduction, my tongue is my tool,
kissing those butts like a lesbian fool.
Pussies laid out before me like dinner awaiting,
dining like a queen on a feminine plaything.

Hearing the cries of their total pleasure
my hands moving freely all over my treasure.
Drooling all over pussies furry and bare,
Proud of my desire, and so willing to share.

Orgasms, climaxes, screams so outlandish,
slapping hot pussies, doling out the hot wish.
Driving three fingers deep into my wetness,
my own orgasm rising, my cries of distress.

I am wracked by self-pleasure, my mind going blank,
cumming and cumming, simply draining the tank.
That soft and warm feeling that I so naturally crave,
unable to resist the pleasure it gave.

I spring to my feet, my whole body alive,
glistening with sweat now, buzzing like a bee-hive.
Into the shower, warm wetness I feel,
pinching my nipples, hard now, like steel.

I am hit with these feelings, simply day after day,
so deep within me, so strong and so gay.
It makes me so happy to feel this way,
Onward and upward, another day to play!

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