tagNon-Erotic PoetryMorning Trees

Morning Trees

byCal Y. Pygia©

Morning trees
   stir breeze
       scent of jasmine
           warm light of the coming sun
               intimations of sexless

    color fleshed out in song
        first among the minstrels
            seeking sustenance of worms
                    in the raw

Mysteries of blossoms
    of perfumed scents
        of eyes
            of ears
                of tomorrow's yesteryears
                    leave me

Strawberries and dates
    pomegranates and figs
        delight with tastes
            of magic

Roses guarded by
    sharp thorns
        prick my fingertips
            but you
                as soft and sweet
                    are velvet to my flesh
                        your nectar food
                            too rich
                                for hummingbirds

Day dissolves
    in song and color
            in perfume
                I wake to the dream of you
                    a blossom opening
                        under morning trees
                                into dawn

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