tagErotic PoetryMurray, You Owe Me

Murray, You Owe Me


7th July 2013

Set 1
Oh damn you dear Murray, you owe me
The Wimbledon atmosphere merry
Adam and I
Are watching you try
For first British champ since Fred Perry

"Let's make it a game," suggests Adam
The concept seems rather enticing
Pimms over ice
Is out in a trice
The strawb'ries and cream are the icing

The rules neither science nor rocket:
"The Serb can be yours, and I'll be the Brit
Once every game
The loser must drain
Their shot glass and take on a forfeit"

Agreed, so we start with a chaser
To get ourselves into the mood
By their first deuce
Our actions are loose
I'm starting to feel rather rude

I signal to strip off his T-shirt
My first win is setting the ante
Out of the blue
I lose the next two
I'm now just in bra and lace panty

Through rallies and wonderful tennis
My luck changes, tipping the score
Lead is reversed
His shorts slip off first
Then boxers slide down to the floor

Distracted by rising tumescence
I marvel his cock and his pecs
Points thick and fast
I stand there aghast
And wonder which clothes he'll take next

The bucket he swirls, grabbing ice
His fingers stretch panty elastic
In go the cubes
Past my runway of pubes
To soak through my underwear's fabric

"Oh God that's so cold!" I proclaim
The heat and the ice firing senses
Tunnel is wet
We haven't touched yet
He's shaking my outer defences

Discomfort transcends my excitement
Just fleetingly clarity reigns
Regular girls
All make-up and pearls
Don't have unchecked lust in their veins

But tremble I do as he watches
My insides a binary star
Body aglow
I just can't say no
The next thing I lose is my bra

It's three on the trot I have lost now
The alcohol dulling my system
Shot after shot
I'm losing the plot
I reach for the strawb'ries and missed 'em

Collapsed in a heap I am giggling
Cream smeared on my thirty-six Cs
A suck and a lick
A gasp uttered quick
He certainly knows how to tease

Revenge is soon mine, thank you Murray
My dark mane I swish as I gloat
"Get on your knees"
I didn't say please
Then spanked Adam with the remote

My moment's short lived, it's set over
I'm sure trouble's coming my way
Two curtain ties
A glint in his eyes
Can only mean it's time to pay

I'm trussed on the sofa in panties
My scent drifts with faint floral trace
Venturing south
He opens his mouth
And eats me through whispery lace

Set 2
Oh damn you dear Murray, you owe me
Crowd cheer means my licking must cease
Loins in high gear
Untied yet so near
As shown by the wet in my crease

I squirm through the opening winner
My big 'O' may yet come to pass
Down on all fours
Like all dirty whores
The off'ring: my panty-clad ass

With rump in the air he devours me
The tennis entirely forgotten
Wetness within
Is coating his chin
My panties are totally sodden

There's nothing I want but to please him
The forfeits are out of my mind
Game after game
I beg for the same
Him tonguing my dirty behind

I wonder if this is my life now
A slave to my internal fires
Case open shut
Reduced to a slut
To satisfy burning desires

The quivering starts in my belly
The crown of my orgasm plain
Just at the peak
Beginning to shriek
Damn Murray starts winning again

Denied I cry out in frustration
At this, the most cruel action yet
The cardinal sin
Don't ever put girls away wet

But somehow the break is delicious
Delivers sweet anticipation
Sparking more need
It boosts the stampede
To ultimate crushing elation

I down one more shot of elixir
It's chugged at his smirking behest
Starting to fold
I do what I'm told
Awaiting the balance redressed

I stand like a good girl, submissive
He fetches the bag of clothes pegs
Clipping one on
My nipples grow long
And sparks crackle down through my legs

I shouldn't enjoy degradation
My other nub pegged like the first
Pain laced with pleasure
In equal measure
But somehow it fuels Her thirst

The raven-haired vixen before him
Awakens with beastly intention
Lit inner fuse
She snarls to be used
A fucktoy for his predilection

He smiles at the full transformation
Admiring the swell of my chest
Depravity blooms
When She's in the room
Denying Her's what he loves best

As Murray continues his rampage
Another shot courses my veins
During "New Balls"
He yanks off my smalls
My nakedness all that remains

While Adam is kneeling before me
He dirtily sniffs at Her cunt
Shame is belied
As She puffs with pride
And glows in the filthy affront

Unable to regain control
It feels like I'm out looking in
Humping Her hips
As he spreads Her lips
Revealing the wetness within

Reprieve comes my way in the nineteenth
The Serb halting Murray's attack
Something I've earned
The tables have turned
I give my new slave a good CRACK

Bent over the sofa before Her
He lets Mistress Belle act the bitch
Fires igniting
Clawing and biting
She scratches her dominant itch

With handprints on red and streaked skin
She checks he has started to harden
No, no, no, stop
The Brit's back on top
He banishes Her to the garden

Exposed and alert in the sunshine
With pegs on electrified nipples
Neighbours could see
All pieces of me
That thought triggers deep pussy ripples

He orders me onto the table
With fluttering heart I comply
"Give me a show
Delightfully slow
And masturbate right where you lie"

As fingers explore bare wet petals
My audience seen and unseen
Grabbing a breast
Hungry, obsessed
A bucking and writhing machine

Delighted with digits inside me
I'm hot but he won't let me come
Scent ebbs and flows
My mouth making Ohs
I groan as I finger my bum

Abruptly he shatters the moment
He's pleased with my immodest act
Reeking of sin
It's time to go in
Alert with my whole body wracked

Set 3
Before the next set can commence
A trip to the bathroom is needed
Stair after stair
He follows me there
Indignances going unheeded

From distances some would call lewd
He watches my silvery stream
In comes his hand
So splashes can land
And dribble through fingers agleam

I'm taken aback by his actions
Yet energised by the effects
After I'm done
He pokes out his tongue
Then laps at and cleans out my sex

Still reeling from what had occurred
I stumble downstairs to the den
Legs turn to jelly
I stare at the telly
To find Murray winning again

Downed shot I am shoved to my knees
To find my man's cock at my level
Raging and thick
I'm yanked to his stick
To suck like Tasmanian Devil

The tempo so fast it is brutal
But She loves the frenetic pace
Gag and a cough
Spit strings looping off
His meat as it's rammed in my face

Despite being used in this manner
My actions remain undeterred
Partly disgust
Part rabid lust
The line between me and Her blurred

I take all the dick that he gives me
It's everything that I deserve
Sensing the end
His hips bucking when
The Serbian wins on his serve

The look Adam gives me is priceless
But rules are the rules and he drinks
Down on his back
I crawl to attack
And onto his face my cunt sinks

He eats me with wild abandon
As if it's his last snack on Earth
Drooling wet slit
Appreciative clit
Is suckled for all it is worth

With no hint of stopping he licks
My hands gravitate to my chest
Pinch and a squeeze
My body decrees
I'm on the orgasmic express

Explosions begin in my centre
And radiate every which way
Loudly I moan
My private cyclone
Rips through like a swirling ballet

He groans in my sex as I come
My juice raining onto his lips
Can't get enough
Of my sticky stuff
And drowns in my total eclipse

As waves roll away and diminish
To lap at my sexual shore
I crawl off his face
And lazily trace
My mouth to his fat iron ore

Engulfing his rod in one motion
I already know he won't last
A suck on his size
A gaze in his eyes
I'm treated to silky hot blasts

He groans while erupting inside me
I swallow each ribbon of come
Then roll away spent
Our bodies content
Hearts beat to a passionate drum

So damn you dear Murray, you owe me
For crimes against decency made
Wandered, misled
Forever I tread
The path onto which I have strayed

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